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Birthday cakes houses

birthday cakes houses

When all your daughter has been talking for, is a Fairy House Birthday Cake, then Mums mission was.
From a whimsical monkey cake to a cute robot cake, these creative desserts will make your child's birthday a rollicking celebration.
All our Birthday Cakes are custom designed with your party theme. Call today to order your professionally designed cake.

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These cleverly decorated birthday cakes make the birthday boy know he's the guest of honor. Carrots and radishes are jellybeans cut in half with have piped stems and leaves. I placed graham crackers on top to make it look like shingles.


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We also cut two candy canes to form a "pond". Squeeze icing on the edges — both inside and out. Tomatoes on vines use pretzel sticks, green icing, and Red-Hots. These cleverly decorated birthday cakes will make the birthday boy know he's the guest of honor. Start with a purchased cake or cupcake, or bake from scratch.
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Take a look at the coolest House and Cabin-shaped birthday cake decorating ideas. You'll also find the most amazing photo gallery of. birthday cakes houses

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